The makers of the exhibition

The personal tales are strong.

Aspha: This is a new and, until now, underexposed subject.  Putting children at the centre of the story, makes the slave trade and slavery an accessible subject, also for families.

Dineke: It is a compact exhibition, rich with images and information. Children are vulnerable and, at the same time, their strength is impressive.  Pay extra attention to the story of the bead.

Hilde: I have learned a lot about my own history. I have typed out those lists of children on Dutch slave ships on the basis of data and that really impressed those figures on me.  That there were so many.

Ineke: The lives of children, eloquently brought into image.

Jaap: The black veils stand for the black page in history which has been covered for so long.

Neil: The dioramas help you to imagine yourself in the situation of past.

Rick: You have to look at the model with the eyes of a child.  Kneel down and you will see more.  It will spark your imagination.

Rob: A very informative exhibition.

Zwing: It is an eye opener for people who do not know much about slavery. An accessible exhibition that gives much insight into how things in this world work.